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BAK™ Clinic Patient Reviews

“Remarkable Sense of Intuitive Understanding”

Dr. Arnold displays not only superb knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy but also possesses a remarkable sense of intuitive understanding of each person he deals with as I witnessed on my first appointment that my friend and I attended. His enthusiasm and passion for helping others is truly a rarity in that chiropractic offices often feel like a business rather than a place that truly cares about the individual. Having danced professionally for years, I’ve had many injuries and chiropractors and I was initially skeptical if I could be helped with age old problems..however, my misgivings were assuaged and my aches massaged and immediately improved. I highly recommend this remarkable doctor.
Marcia C.

“Looking Forward to Next Visit”

Thank you Dr Arnold and staff for making me feel so welcome and comfortable. I finally found a chiropractor and staff who really listened and gave me hope that I can get relief from my debilitating migraines!!! Dr Arnold walks you through every step so that you know and understand the treatment you will receive. Even after first consult/treatment, I feel my overall posture has improved! I can honestly say that I am looking forward to my next visit!
Sheryl S.

“Healing Journey Ahead”

I have a healing journey ahead as the injuries are from several years ago, but an absolutely amazing shift from when I arrived to when I left. Looking forward to future sessions…
Sharon M.

“Best Initial Visit Ever!”

Best initial visit I have ever had with a Chiropractor. Knowledgeable, personable, and confident in his ability to improve my health via his practice and techniques. Very good listening skills and very, very positive approach to healing.
Karen C.
Mt. Albert, ON

“Knowledge, skill and compassion set Dr. Arnold apart”

It’s a rare occurrence when knowledge, skill and compassion meet to produce wonderful results. Dr. Arnold utilizes his unique BAK diagnosis system coupled with years of experience and skill in treating the specific causes of spinal misalignment to bring about health and vitality from the body. His compassion and passion for helping his patients sets him apart from most other practitioners and one visit is enough to know you’ve experienced something special.

Kevin & Cathy B.
Newmarket, ON

“An immediate difference after 17 years of suffering”

I have suffered from arthritis for 17 years. Many of my joints had locked or become malformed. After my very first visit there was a huge difference in a tremendous amount of my joints! I absolutely could not believe that after 17 years there could be such an immediate difference! After so many years of failed treatments I tend to be very weary and I very much need to see to believe. I definitely believe in Dr Arnold now!

Monica S.
Newmarket, ON

“Felt better after first treatment”

My hip and leg felt better within 24 hrs of 1st treatment….Thanks Dr. Arnold

Cathy B.
Newmarket, ON

“Professional and compassionate chiropractic”

At 63, having received a blunt force trauma to my upper left arm, surgeons determined from ultra sound, MRI and X-rays, surgery was the only way to repair the damage. With the prospect of up to 12 months of rehabilitation after the surgery, I knew there had to be another way.

I was referred to this clinic doctor and his team of specialists. While still expecting to undergo surgery, I went. What I received was professional and compassionate chiropractic help to my back, shoulder and arm area. Doctor concluded my shoulder did not require surgery.Show More

With the addition of massage therapy from Grace Kim and personal training from Deme Hachcem, Doctor and his team have brought me back to a physical and psychological state I had not felt since I was 50 years old, and surgery free.

These people truly are Health Care and Well Being specialists.

Ron W.
Sharon, Ontario

“Doctor brought me back to health”

My name is Peter. I was born in 1971. The doctor has been treating me for over 10 years.

I had a pleasure and privilege of being a professional soccer goalkeeper in Europe and Canada from 1989 to 2002. I later remained in the sport, as an amateur athlete, until 2013 when I retired due to personal reasons.

Before I first met him in 2003, I often felt like quitting even the amateur level of soccer due to multiple soccer injuries that I had sustained over the years. Doctor brought me back to health very, very quickly. Needless to say, I also noticed that my body responded to repeated treatments with Doctor and I would incur less and less trouble, although I still played on a high level of amateur soccer.Show More

The list of my problems was long: from repeated neck and shoulder issues, knee trouble, through disc pains and loss of body flexibility, to excruciating lower back pains waking me up 10 times per night. My pro sports doctors had diagnosed a condition in my lower back that was supposed to stay with me and wake me up several times each night for the rest of my life. Doctor kept working on my lower back adjustments as a maintenance item every time I’d show up at his clinic. About six or seven years into seeing doc for all my problems and prevention/maintenance, I noticed that the lower back night pains were gone! When it dawned on me, I told him about it but he took it without any surprise on his face. It was natural to him to see such results, in spite of sport injury specialist MDs condemning me to a life in pain.

Through the years of being his patient, my whole family (my dear wife, myself and our four children) have greatly benefited from his treatments.

I feel like I just scratched the surface of positive effects that Dr. Arnold’s treatments have had on my health and health of my family members and friends. I am very thankful for Dr. Arnold’s genuine care and compassion. He is a shy and humble person, whose eyes scan through Newmarket and the area seeking organizations and individuals in need, whom he supports with great generosity.

I praise the Lord for putting the doctor on my path. Thanks to him, my family has been able to enjoy life to a much fuller extent than before and I was able to get a bunch of extra years of playing amateur soccer after retiring from the pros.

Doc, you are the best!

Peter L, Innisfil, ON

“I feel 20 years younger!!”

I have to admit that I was a skeptic about the chiropractic treatment. Further more – I was a mess. Through proper alignment , Dr. Arnold restored my balance and my life. Thank you for putting the spring back in my step Dr. Arnold.

“One of the best!!”

I’ve been to many chiropractors but Dr. Arnold is one of the best!

“Been to many chiropractors…. he’s the best”

I’m serious, I have been to a lot of chiropractors since I was 25 and this guy seems to be the best. This Activation system, the way Dr. Arnold does it, works very good.
61 years young

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