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Holistic Nutrition and Bioenergetics at BAK™ Clinic

Julie Tibbles, RHN, R.BIE

Health, fitness and helping others feel good from the inside out is something that comes naturally to Julie. From her past work as a Rehabilitation Coordinator at a long-term care facility, to becoming an in-demand Fitness Coach, to being a busy Mom of three amazing children, and wife to her incredible husband… it’s clear that Julie was born to remind us that health, happiness and well being are possible naturally.

Julie studied Holistic Nutrition (RHN) at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition followed by becoming a Registered Bioenergetic Practitioner (R.BIE) at the Institute of Natural Health Technologies. Julie’s true expertise is found in discovering the root cause of one’s symptoms, specifically when the medical system has simply provided medications to cover the symptoms one is experiencing. Julie believes that every symptom is an important key to finding this root cause and she believes that symptoms are our body’s way of signalling us that something is not right within. If not resolved, symptoms can become intensified and eventual disease will ensue.

Julie provides her clients with the answers they are looking for through intolerance testing and a detailed nutritional analysis.  She is truly committed to her client’s success and will take the time listen and understand her client’s symptoms in order to bring one’s body back to health.  Julie has an extremely high success rate using BIE and nutrition to address a multitude of health concerns, usually within just 2-5 visits!

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Holistic Nutrition Newmarket ON | (905) 830-4225