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Personal Training at BAK™ Clinic

Michael Whiteley – Certified Personal Trainer

Michael Whiteley is one of North America’s premier trainers. In addition to this he is an accomplished health expert and researcher with over 16 years of experience in the field of integrative health and orthomolecular therapy. Michael has worked alongside many of the top corporations, manufacturers, doctors, and practitioners within Canada and has exhibited his passion for helping individuals feel their best. Through his continued dedication, he has optimized the health of his clients, allowing them to maximize their physical performance, transforming their physiques, and helping them to reach their ideal state of health. Michael is also a successful professional track athlete who has won various competitions and is currently training for next year’s World indoor Championships.

Michael has become a well-recognized figure within the field of natural health through his company, Pro Trainer Live inc. Through this medium, he is able to showcase his energetic and unique approach within the health community

Mike Whiteley is a natural health guru with a wealth of knowledge based on extensive research and hands on experience working with his clients over a 16 year period. Mike has seen and believes that perfect health can be reached through optimal diet, functional foods and specific physical training.

Mike has dedicated his life to learning how one can develop better health that will translate into the ability to perform activities of daily living at an optimal level. Aligning with current science and other practitioners in the health and wellness field Mike has been able to develop a network of practitioners that can help individuals understand their current health status. Mike believes alternative therapy in most cases is the first line of defense in helping to prevent and treating the onset of most diseases. Through the use of functional foods, diet and exercise he has helped many of his clients become free of medication. Mike’s passion and quest to learn everything about integrative health has allowed him to be one of the top consultants on integrative therapies.

To visit Mike’s website or to book an appointment please click on the following link:

Certified Personal Trainer Newmarket ON | (905) 830-4225