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Registered Massage Therapy and Personal Training at BAK™ Clinic

Deme Barlas – Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer

Deme Barlas; Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer

Deme Barlas; Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer

Deme is an RMT and SMT(cc) specializing in athletic therapy as well as general massage, and maintains a private practice in Aurora Ontario as well as in clinic practice at various locations.

As a personal trainer working with special cases and rehabilitation as well as people ages 92 and as young as 6.

As a national level athlete and a two time supplement brand sponsored athlete Deme has intensive background in rehab, movement and athletics. Currently she is involved with track and field and attends Olympic level qualifying events as part of the medical team.

She is a graduate of Bryan College as well as a good standing member of the CMTO. She is currently working with a broad spectrum of clients at all ages. Among her areas of  expertise are trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, acupressure PNF stretching, remedial exercise and program planning.

Deme’s technique is not conventional it is fused through trigger point therapy, which involves some deeper tissue work, as well as using comprehensive anatomy trains to help alleviate dysfunctions in the body, GSM, active release, mobility techniques and stretching to form a unique therapeutic session.

Deme’s motivation to become a personal trainer began back in 2001.

“I was a heavy smoker, I was up to about 1-2 packs a day, I was asthmatic and I didn’t like my lifestyle. In 2006 I kicked smoking, cold-turkey, and invested my money into a health club where I hired a personal trainer, followed a meal plan and decided to give it my all.

At my first weigh-in, I tipped the scales at about 200 lbs. I was mortified. Fast forward just one and a half years into my new lifestyle and I had dropped 70lbs. I was down to 155lbs and 33% body fat, although I still had a long way to go. This sparked a new interest and I decided I would have to take my fitness to the next level and I hired an elite trainer to mold me into an athlete. As a result and having gained more interest, I decided to return to school to learn more about the body.

I received my Personal Training Certification in 2010 and I continue to grow within my field today. My interest is in special cases and lifestyle changes. I coach, introduce, inform, guide and help actualize the body specifically and as a whole.”

To visit Deme’s website or to book an appointment please click on the following link:

Personal Trainer Newmarket ON | (905) 830-4225