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Muscle Systems & Internal Performance Consulting  at BAK™ Clinic


Brandon J. Green, RTSm, MATm, MAT Jumpstart
CEO, Founder, Strata Internal Performance
Muscle System Specialist, Exercise Specialist, RTS Instructor


Brandon J. Green

Brandon is the founder and CEO of Strata Internal Performance Centre.

With more than a decade of experience in the exercise industry, Brandon is an internationally recognized muscle specialist, exercise specialist and educator.  Brandon’s education, insight, practical experience, and passion to help others is what led him to develop the Strata objective: To bridge this gap and affect real change for patients while working in tandem with their health care practitioners, trainers and/or advisors.

Brandon and the team of professionals at Strata are committed to understanding, treating and supporting the complex mechanics of the body in a private, welcoming and comfortable fitness environment.

In founding Strata and establishing its team of highly accredited practitioners, Brandon has ignited a real buzz in the industry, fueling the trajectory of health and fitness care to a refreshing new level.


To visit the Strata website or to book a free consultation with Brandon please click on the following link:


Muscle Specialist Newmarket ON | (905) 830-4225