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Personal Training at BAK™ Clinic

Jesse Long – Certified CanFitPro PRO Trainer, Personal Training Specialist

For over 15 years, I have been pursing my passion for health and physical fitness. Since 2001, I have been honing my skills in strength and conditioning, muscle sculpting and bodybuilding. Coincidentally, I have worked as a swimsuit and underwear model, fitness model, self-trainer and professional personal trainer. I have also been involved in many different sports including hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, skiing, snowboarding, extreme mountain biking, kayaking/canoeing/portaging, rock climbing and golf, to name just a few. I lead an active lifestyle. I choose to lead by example.

As a result, I have been immersed in the culture of fitness training for a very long time. In effect, I have trained at a variety of gyms including Goodlife, LA Fitness, Snap, Fit4Less, and many more. I know what it takes to achieve my own personal goals. I know what it takes to motivate others to achieve their own personal goals. I believe very strongly that everyone has the potential to succeed in his or her athletic endeavors with the help of effective, purposeful mentoring.

Self-respect is measured by one’s willingness to learn the key skill sets associated with health and wellness training, both attitudinal and physical. In fact, all my experiences, education and setbacks have prepared me to become a coach and mentor in health and fitness. I have created OPHFitness to do exactly that, to help guide others on the path to success with their own health and physical fitness goals.

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